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More Testimonials

Sheila Fontaine, Antique Dealer-Marinwood - "Rob's the only one I'll leave a door open for to work in my house when I'm not there."

Dan Reich, Graphic Artist-San Rafael - " Really easy to work with and can fix all sorts of things. I've used him quite a bit." (From LinkedIn)

Becky Geist, Playright,Actress-Lucas Valley - " I agree with Dan"  (LinkedIn) She has actually given a real testimonial. I need to have her tell me again.

Mark Hilliard - Architect, San Anselmo - "Rob is constantly looking for better ways to accomplish the work. He has a good understanding of the construction aspects of the building and landscape projects in which I've been involved."

Frank Bruno, Insurance Rep-Novato - "Thank you for your professionalism and the quality of your workmanship."


Tom Truchan, Retired Teacher-San Anselmo - "Rob is the thinking man's repair person with intelligent and creative ways to solve problems. Rob is easy to talk to and has an upbeat personality. He is reasonably priced and my wife Nan and I heartily recommend the skilled and charming Rob Cook."

"Rob is a handyman par  excellence. with his background as a licensed contractor he is able to diagnose and fix a variety of our home problems."

"Rob has presented to us various solutions to problems based on his extensive experience and research. For example, his experience in botany and landscape design was helpful in clearing our lot of scotch broom and planning on how to replant our back forty."


Lavette Duhe - Property Manager, San Rafael/Marin City - "Rob is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and successful in getting the job done. Because of his excellent work ethic, I can be assured that when I have vacancies, Rob will get them ready for me to lease promptly. I know that when I ask Rob to do  something for me, that it is done." 

Marya Merritt - Chiropractor, Novato - "Rob knows his stuff and he's really good at it"



Robert A. Goldman, Esq.

Iím really glad that Rob used me for a reference because Iím happy to say that he did a good job and I would hire him again.  We had some really heavy glass shelves to mount Ė 35 pounds each.  He took a look at the brackets and screws and figured out we needed something sturdier and better than what we had; he then mounted them with thicker, longer screws into the studs, and they will now support all the weight we need and then some. 

Then, he pulled out the interior of a base cabinet that had held a television and built some shelves for us. They were wide and deep; he picked the grade and quality of wood, painted it, and then he put support in there so we can stack heavy dishes without worrying about things crashing down. Theyíre in the dining room and have to look finished when you open them. It looks to me like theyíre part of the furniture. 

He hung a really heavy mirror and then fixed some light fixtures (cans) so that theyíd come down and be flush with the ceiling. He fixed the front door so it would latch easily and lock. Seems like just about everything we needed help with, he had good solid advice. I saw the first couple bills, and they didnít surprise me, so I didnít ask for estimates; I just kept asking him to do more work. The bill for the shelves was less than I thought it would be. (He didnít charge me for all his time because it was only worth so much and I think he ran into a surprise or two.) I probably should have asked for estimates, but instead, I just said, do the work and charge a fair price and he did and I was happy. 

 I did ask him for an estimate to repair or replace a shower door.  I havenít gotten around to it yet, but I will. He wrote it up and listed out his time and the cost of the materials. Iím sure he would stick to it.  His work is neat.  He is considerate. I suppose some guys are faster or cheaper or slicker.  For me, I just want someone reliable and trustworthy. 

 If I need more work, I will have no problem calling him, telling him what I need, leaving a key for him and knowing the job will be done when he says it will and without my having to watch over him. That means a lot.  (If he runs into an issue getting material, or he runs over on another job, he calls you to say heís running late, or he asks your permission to come back to finish later.) 

Robert A. Goldman, Esq.
Goldman & Associates, Attorneys at Law
100 Larkspur Landing Circle, Suite 112
Larkspur, CA  94939


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